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Cosplayer Jujutsu fan Kaisen imagined what a female version of Sukuna would look like

  • marzo 23, 2021
  • by Jesus Torres

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One of the things that makes the Jujutsu Kaisen manga and anime special is its main villain, Sukuna. Usually the hero and his rival are always separated, but this is not the case in this story.

In reality, Gege Akutani created a story in which the greatest enemy that exists lives within the protagonist. That lends itself to attractive approaches. All because this Curse can be the difference between victory and defeat.

Sukuna does not get along very well with the hero Yuji Itadori. In fact, he takes every opportunity to gain control of his body and become more powerful.

It was only because Yuji consumed one of his fingers that she became his ‘vessel’, and that’s how she retains his tremendous power within her. This sorcerer was feared and hated in ancient Japan, causing many deaths with his evil deeds. He hasn’t changed a thing over time.

In Jujutsu Kaisen, Sukuna is a sly and mocking character, but at the same time, very cunning and Machiavellian. In the first season of the anime he was featured several times. Yes, he is concerned that Itadori will be injured or killed.

But simply because he obeys his interests. He sees it more as a tool to an end. And when he asks for your help, he decides whether or not it is in his best interest to support him. He has gone to the degree of taunting him in the face, like an evil demon.

Perhaps because of all the above, this character remains very popular among fans, and cosplays based on him have begun to appear. However, some seek to represent it differently.

That is the case of cosplayer Danielle Vedovelli (@danievedo). As you will realize, this is a gender bender interpretation. It should be noted that when it comes to makeup and hair color, she is reminiscent of Sukuna.

But other than that… it’s difficult to identify this Jujutsu Kaisen character with the naked eye. Especially since he’s wearing a suit that Sukuna never wore in the anime.

As for his hair, because in reality this villain wears it short. Perhaps it would be more evident if this cosplayer were to paint an extra mouth or eye on her hand, arm or cheek, since that is something associated with this Curse, and that she makes it more terrifying. Let’s say it is a free interpretation.