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Social media has become a major influencer in the beauty industry, driving trends and shaping makeup routines through viral videos on platforms like TikTok. However, Bennet Northen recently highlighted a crucial point in a video, emphasizing that the makeup showcased by influencers might not be suitable for everyday life.

In a side-by-side comparison video, Northen applied popular TikTok makeup styles on one side of his face, contrasting it with his regular beauty routine on the other. The video has garnered 7.8 million views, illustrating the significant impact of such content.

The “influencer” side of Northen’s face, created with popular TikTok techniques, resulted in a more intense and harsh appearance, using multiple products such as foundation, cream blush, powder blush, bronzer, and highlighter concentrated in one area. Northen noted that this method, while visually striking on camera, may not translate well into a natural and practical real-life look.

For example, pouring foundation directly onto the face, a popular technique on TikTok, was deemed “unsanitary” and “wasteful” by Northen. On the other side of his face, he opted for a more controlled application, pouring a small amount of foundation on his hand and using a brush for a more even complexion.

The video serves as a reminder that while social media influencers may showcase bold and colorful makeup looks, adapting these styles to real-life scenarios requires a more nuanced and practical approach. Northen’s demonstration emphasizes the importance of considering the effectiveness and suitability of beauty trends beyond their popularity on platforms like TikTok.

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