Daisy Blooms leaked onlyf on twitter and reddit, whats happened to videos

Famous Mexican diver Diego Barrieza hopes to help him realize his dream of competing in the Olympic Games for the second time through the popular photos on the Internet. Balleza, a 10m synchronized high jumper who finished fourth at the Tokyo Olympics, opened an OnlyFans account to support him in Paris 2024 after the head of Mexico’s National Sports Council stopped funding all water sports enthusiasts. Sports training for the Summer Olympics.

The fit diver, who is used to donning skimpy swimsuits in front of crowds and cameras, said he thought a subscription platform for users to sell content would help him boost his income.

“I support my house and my mom, I have bills to pay, you can upload whatever you want, it’s valid content,” Baleza said in an interview with The Associated Press. “I’m glad the people on my side have been nice and respectful and I hope they continue to be like that.”

The 28-year-old athlete charges fans $15 a month to access his private content, and also offers three-, six-, and 12-month subscriptions for up to $135.

“The money I’m receiving [from OnlyFans] right now is very volatile, but it’s worked out for me so far,” he said. In addition to OnlyFans, Balleza has received some funding from the private sector as well as from the Nuevo Leon state government.

“It’s kind of tedious because you don’t end up focusing 100 percent on what you need to do,” he said of the rush to raise money. “But nothing is impossible, we already have the flights and logistics for the World Cup. Now we have to train hard and fight for the Olympic places.”

State funding has been withheld due to an internal dispute between World Aquatics and the president of Mexico’s National Sports Council, Ana Guevara.

Furious at the leadership change at the Mexican swimming federation, Guevara has cut pay for all water sports enthusiasts in the country.

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