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📢 Breaking News: Piedmont University Provost Daniel Silber Resigns Amidst Budget Controversy

In a shocking turn of events, Piedmont University’s Provost, Daniel Silber, has resigned abruptly, citing vehement opposition to proposed budget cuts and impending faculty layoffs. The Board of Trustees was scheduled to vote on these controversial measures later this week.

In a scathing email addressed to colleagues, Silber expressed his deep concerns about the morality of the proposed budget cuts, labeling them as “morally wrong.” He lamented the lack of proper inclusivity in the budgeting process and criticized the timing of faculty notifications, asserting that the abruptness left insufficient time for affected individuals to secure new employment for the upcoming semester.

“I refuse to be a party to terminations that are carried out in such an unethical manner,” Silber stated firmly. “Now that this draconian measure is being implemented, I have no moral choice but to leave the institution.”

Piedmont University, located in Demorest, Ga., has yet to comment on Silber’s resignation. However, the university has faced recent challenges, with a vote of no confidence in President James Mellichamp by the Faculty Senate just a month ago. The faculty cited concerns about financial mismanagement and a lack of budgetary transparency as reasons for their discontent.

Steve Nimmo, the dean of the school of arts and sciences, will temporarily assume the role of vice president for academic affairs following Silber’s departure. As the university grapples with these internal challenges, a new acting provost is yet to be named.

Silber’s resignation underscores the ongoing turmoil at Piedmont University, which had previously implemented an 8 percent faculty cut in February, with uncertainty looming over the contracts of the remaining faculty for the next academic year.

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