Daniella Chavez Wykop Cl leaked onlyf on reddit and twitter, videos and photos

Cristiano Ronaldo Chilean model: Cristiano Ronaldo has always found controversy. No matter where he goes. In the latest excitement, Chilean model Daniella Chavez made wild accusations against the Portuguese. The Chilean model claims she has an adult video with Cristiano Ronaldo. The model later deleted her tweet, but she admitted to having had a previous affair with the Portuguese star. Follow Cristiano Ronaldo LIVE updates on InsideS.IN

Cristiano Ronaldo Chilean Model: Playboy Cristiano Ronaldo? Controversial Portuguese superstar, Chilean model Daniela Chavez claims to have CR7’s adult video Check OUT

Daniela Chavez claims to have existed before Cristiano Ronaldo even met Georgina Rodriguez. Back in 2015, British tabloid The Sun published an interview in which the model first admitted as much, but she never revealed the video she claimed to have.

Then she decided to find out what happened. According to Chavez, Cristiano was unfaithful to supermodel Irina Shayk. In her statement, Chavez also suggested that Messi was cheating on his wife by dating other women.

Her tweet said the following – is it infidelity if someone has sex with another person who is not their partner but who is physically and mentally free without any explanation? So we’re being unfaithful to Cristiano? It’s just sex, no with my permission! There is also free sex.

Chavez claimed she had video evidence of their encounter, but declined to release it. The reason is that she wants to respect Ronaldo’s privacy. If there’s a video and she ends up posting it, the internet is sure to catch fire. Unlikely to post any kind of video. Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t react, nor could he.

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