David Sumney JR pittsburgh obituary and dead, Man gets 20 years in plea deal

A man from Pennsylvania has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for the murder of his mother, Margaret Sumney. David Sumney, 33, was accused of torturing and killing his 67-year-old mother in the bathroom of her South Lafayette home in August 2019. Shockingly, he documented the crime by taking 277 photos, including selfies with blood smeared on his face and his mother’s body.

In August, Sumney managed to secure a plea deal that dismissed charges of first-degree murder and abuse of a corpse, pleading guilty to a single count of third-degree murder. This deal could potentially lead to his release in as little as 17 years, a decision that has been criticized by his family.

During a hearing at Allegheny County Court, Sumney apologized for his heinous crime, expressing disbelief at his actions and the severity of what he had done. He acknowledged the irreparable damage caused to his family and stated that he cannot forgive himself for killing his own mother.

Sumney’s defense attorney attributed his client’s actions to drug and alcohol use, expressing remorse on his behalf. The defense requested a seven-year prison sentence.

Sumney’s half-sister, Ellen, addressed him in court via Zoom, detailing the extent of the violence inflicted on their mother. She condemned the 277 photos taken during the crime, emphasizing the disturbing nature of capturing such acts on camera. Ellen expressed her disappointment at the plea deal, advocating for a more severe punishment, stating that she believed the crime should have been treated as first-degree murder.

If Sumney had been convicted of the original charges, he could have faced life in prison.

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