Who is tomi 11 dead, the ‘youtuber’ boy who captivated the networks

As he himself explains in the video, “youtuber” Tomás Blanch, also known as Tomiii 11, died on Monday of the brain cancer he had been battling for years. The 12-year-old Chilean stunned the internet by opening up about his case and explaining his biggest dream: getting 1 million subscribers on YouTube.

The degenerative disease he suffers from does not allow him to develop normally, so he has problems with his eyes and limbs. Of course, his poor health didn’t stop him from fulfilling his dream of becoming a successful “anchor”. In his video “La presentación de tomi, osea yo”, he says his goal is to make a video of “Hello, I’m Germán”, another recognized “youtuber”.

Word of Tomi spread through the Internet. The “gamer” community conspired to give him access to the millions of fans he craved. He has amassed more than 8 million followers after posting several videos explaining his life and the hardships the disease has brought on. On his channel, he also posts videos of games like Minecraft.

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