Denyse Plummer Dead, calypso and gospel singer from Trinidad and Tobago died

Denyse Plummer is a Trinidadian calypso and soca singer known for her powerful vocals and energetic performances. Learn more about Dennis Plummer’s personal life.

Denyse Plummer, also known as Denyse Burnadette Kirline Plummer, is a famous calypso and gospel singer from Trinidad and Tobago. In particular, she is credited with being the first singer in the Caribbean to have a white father and a black mother, making her a prominent pioneer in the field.

Despite initial challenges and prejudices in a genre traditionally regarded as Afro-Caribbean music, Denise’s undeniable talent and enthusiasm have propelled her to become an acclaimed leading calypso interpreter. Her journey proves that breaking down barriers and proving that true talent knows no borders.

Before emerging in the calypso world, Denyse Plummer gained recognition as a pop singer, captivating audiences in intimate bars and hotels across Trinidad and Tobago. Her calypso, which debuted at Skinner Park in 1986, was initially challenged by disgruntled audiences. Her talent was quickly noticed, however, and her Calypso journey began when she was hired by arranger Len “Boogsie” Sharpe of the second Pan Groove steel band to sing their Panorama piece.

In 1988, Denyse Plummer’s performance of another pan song by Len “Boogsie” Sharpe, “Woman Is Boss,” propelled her to the forefront of the Calypso scene, making her a national Calypso Monarch finalist and winning the coveted Calypso Queen Laurel. She continued to shine in the Calypso Queen competition over the years, winning six times and finishing runner-up three times.

No, Dennis Plummer is still alive. The family of Caliphson veteran Dennis Plummer has clarified on social media that despite rumors and misleading reports of her death, the singer is alive and resting at home. Denyse Plummer, known for winning the 2001 Calypso Monarch Championship and Calypso Queen competition, is currently battling stage 4 cancer and has undergone treatment.

Dennis Plummer’s son Jesse Bucock has confirmed she is alive and has expressed disappointment at the spread of false information on social media without proper verification. In May, the Dennis Plummer Foundation organized a benefit concert called “Grateful” in support of her health struggle.