Derrick J Wyatt dead,  American artist and character designer

Derrick James Wyatt (August 10, 1972 – December 16, 2021) was an American artist and character designer from Popo, Michigan. He attended the Joe Cubert Institute of Art in New Jersey, where one of his teachers was Jose Delbo. The other is Kim DeMulder! He later completed an internship at Spumco in California, becoming a full-time employee with the company. Derek eventually left Spumco and went on to find a job at Warner Bros. Animation, where he worked as a designer on the comedy/wrestling series Mucha Lucha. Other opportunities opened up for him at Warner Bros., where he joined the Teen Titans and Legion of Super Heroes teams as a full-time character designer. He also served as the character designer for Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated and Ben 10: Cartoon Network’s Omniverse.

He was the art director, lead character designer, and color designer for the Transformers animation produced by Cartoon Network. As a longtime Transformers fan, this was a dream come true for him.

This article about a real person associated with the Transformers brand is a stub and lacks information.

Eric Siebenaler hires Derrick to cook Thanksgiving dinner, but Derrick burns the turkey when he gets distracted by a new Transformers animation design. He chooses to order pizza (hope the delivery guy is late so the pizza is free!)

Derek and Eric are later seen eating cake, but Optimus Prime comes up with something even more exciting… Sunstreaker and Hot Rod eating cake! Mini Mayhem!

At Auto Assembly 2010, attendees were able to purchase boxed Derrick toys and lookalikes of Scott McNeil and Garry Chalk in Swindle’s charity auction and raffle.

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