‘My 600-Lb. Life’ Star Destinee LaShaee passed away

A huge loss. Destinee LaShaee, My 600-Lb’s first trans star. Life is dead. She is 30 years old.

Wayne Compton, the TLC character’s brother, confirmed the news via Facebook.

“No no no sorry bro I accept you as Compton wrote.” I’m sorry you feel like you have no choice fate doesn’t want that god why you keep taking my brothers and sisters away, How much 💔💔💔 can I take. “

While no cause of death was announced, Destinee, born Matthew Ventris, was open about mental health issues during the seventh season of My 600 Pounds. Live aired in 2019.

“I lay here all day waiting for food. I couldn’t see any of my family and friends unless they came to see me,” she said in the episode. “I feel like at this point, I’m just trying to get out of the depression and the pain. Eating is the only thing I can do. I can feel it killing me.”

Destinee felt she was at “load point” and weighed 668 pounds.

“I’ve got to be able to get help, I’ve got to be able to lose that weight, or they’re going to bury me next because I don’t think I’m going to live until next year, when I’m that big,” she said. “At this rate, I’d give myself a few months.”

In 2021, Destinee lost nearly 500 pounds, according to the Daily Mail. On Jan. 30, she posted a series of photos to Instagram in a body-hugging dress, writing: “Broken gracefully”.

Unfortunately, Destinee wasn’t the first previous My 600-Lb. Mingxing passed away in recent years. 10 reality TV graduates, including Lisa Fleming, Gina Krasley and Robert Boucher, have died since the series premiered in 2012.

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