Deveca Rose dead reddit, Woman charged with manslaughter after death

A mother has been charged with four counts of manslaughter in connection with the tragic deaths of her four sons in a fire in south London, as announced by the Metropolitan Police.

Deveca Rose, 29, faces charges of manslaughter, contrary to common law, and child abandonment, contrary to the Children and Young Persons Act 1933. She is scheduled to appear at Croydon Magistrates Court on Monday.

The devastating incident occurred on December 16, 2021, when her two sets of twin brothers—Leyton and Logan Hoath, aged three, and Kyson and Bryson Hoath, aged four—lost their lives in a fire at Collingwood Road, Sutton, around 7 pm. Despite the swift arrival of approximately 60 firefighters, the children were treated at the scene and transported to two south London hospitals, where they were later pronounced dead.

Dalton Hoath, the father of the four boys, expressed the family’s profound devastation, describing his sons as “bright, caring, lovable boys.” The boys’ grandfather, Jason Hoath, a security officer at AFC Wimbledon, revealed the heartbreaking detail that the boys’ Christmas presents were already “piled under the tree, ready.”

In a poignant tribute, a minute’s silence was observed before Sutton United’s League Two match with Harrogate Town, and yellow-and-black team scarves were placed outside the police cordon at the scene by Matt Gray, the manager of Sutton United football club. Two of the boys were students at Westbourne Primary School in Sutton, whose entire community expressed devastation over the tragic loss of the four children in a statement.

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