Divya Spandana dead, Indian actress and politician passed away

Rumors of the death of Kannada actress Divya Spandana circulated on social media on Wednesday morning. However, the actor is alive and well. She is currently in Geneva. Twitter or the X account @johnsoncinepro tweeted that Divya Spandana had passed away on the morning of September 6. “Shocking news: Actress Divia Spandane has passed away. Will die of a heart attack.”

However, the News Minute’s Dhanya Rajendran himself interviewed Divya and refuted the rumors of her death. She tweeted: “Just spoke to @divyaspandana. She was in Geneva and was sleeping peacefully until the call. Whoever tweeted this and posted it as a text message Shame on you who the news organization is.”

Another reporter also posted a photo with Divia from Geneva. “Dinner in Geneva with the talented and amazing lady @divyaspandana was amazing. We talked about many things including our love for Bangalore,” she tweeted.

Fans of the actress also condemned those who spread misinformation about her death. “Please double check before sharing any news, especially if it involves someone’s death. Avoid spreading false information that may cause unnecessary panic or confusion,” one user wrote on Twitter or X. “For a split second I was in turmoil. This is fake news. Kannada news channel reported that Divya Spandana was alive. Please don’t believe the rumours,” another tweet read. “

Rumors of Divya’s death may be due to her being named after Spandana, the wife of Kannada actor and director Vijay Ragvindra. The latter died in Bangkok last month.

Spandana (44) traveled to the Thai capital with her cousins, who were joined by Ragvindra after finishing filming.

“She fell asleep last night and didn’t get up in the morning. We believe the death was due to hypotension (complications),” Sri Murali told reporters at the time, when his brother Rajavindra gave him the news from Bangkok. Call up.