Dora Skate bubbi3 leaked video on tiktok and reddit, Talia Taylor twitter

Video of Talia Taylor’s Dora skateboard bubbi3 goes viral.

It is shared on social media platforms such as Twitter.

Taylor is an 18-year-old social media celebrity with over 411,000 followers on TikTok and 48,000 on Instagram.

Through a video on TikTok, several cousins ​​managed to unleash outrage over a statement they made through one of their recent challenges, one of which was told through a song. Well, the couple did it in moderation, and the singing revealed details of their lives and wealth.

There is no doubt that the challenges on TikTok are becoming more and more popular, and in recent months more and more people are taking the risk of posting their personal stories to match the requested features. Now, Spain’s wealthy children have joined the challenge, sparking a wave of outrage.

Here are two Spanish cousins ​​who made it popular by apologizing for their wealth by singing a song.

“We are the richest cousins ​​in Spain,” the young woman sang first, before her cousin continued: “Everything we want, they give it to us. We don’t study or work, we just consume. We just need to spend money.” “said Grand Portfolio.

They then proceeded to present a card that they said they could use to buy the entire Corte Inglés, and that they bought Chanel for 4,000 euros.

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