Dr Zach Miami dead and obituary, Plastic Surgeon Linked To Jacky

Jacky Oh at the Finding Happy Premiere Party and Midnight Brunch at The Gathering Spot on September 21, 2022 in Atlanta, Georgia. | Source: Paras Griffin/Getty

The doctor who performed plastic surgery on popular social media personality and entrepreneur Jacky Oh before her death reportedly claimed to be a “liposuction and BBL specialist” and has received some negative comments online, allegedly from former patients.

The Instagram account of SurgeonMade, a plastic surgery social media influencer with 279,000 followers, claimed in a post that Jacky Oh’s surgeon was Dr. Zachary Okhah, better known by the nickname “Dr. Zach.” SurgeonMade’s post included a photo of Jacky Oh Oh photo next to Dr. Zach.

However, as of Thursday afternoon, neither was available on Dr.’s Instagram account. Zach and Jacky oh this photo. TMZ reported that Jacky Oh died in Florida, citing “a now-deleted social media post that claimed she had a ‘mom makeover’ in Miami.”

Dr. Zach’s Instagram account links to a PH-1 Miami website that claims Dr.

PH-1 Miami’s website, which offers “hot services” like Brazilian butt lifts, tummy tucks, liposuction, and breast augmentation, also states that “Dr. Zach’s job is to give his patients a newfound love for their bodies after surgery. “

It lists psychological benefits alongside physical improvements as “some of the things plastic surgery does for Dr.” Zach’s Patient,” including boosting self-confidence and encouraging a positive attitude.

The positive attitude on the PH-1 Miami website contrasted with the negative online reviews patients had given Dr. Already given to Zach. A review published in March on the HealthGrades website regretted that he had not conducted further research on Dr. Zach was hired before having to undergo his surgery.

The review, titled “Find Another Doctor,” advises potential patients to look elsewhere. “I wish I had seen this site before my surgery,” the comment began, before explaining that they had liposuction and left a lot to be desired.

As well as condemning the “spotty” facility where the surgery was performed, the review claimed the results “didn’t make her stomach smooth.”

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