Dubahub leaked on twitter and reddit, whats happened to video

Authorities in Medellín, province of Antioquia, are looking for the subject that appears in the video, who was riding a skateboard and was captured from the back of a moving public transport bus while talking on the phone. It happened near Santo Domingo, the capital of Antioquia province, on what appears to be a downhill road, raising the risk that at least three citations will be issued to the man for the incident.

The video went viral on social media, unleashing comments that ranged from laughter and sarcasm, to memes, to outrage for not only putting their own lives and integrity at risk, but also endangering the lives and integrity of other actors in the road.

The video went viral on social media and generated mixed reactions.
These are the things to do in Medellín at Christmas
The municipality of Medellín, when celebrating the end of the year, offers a varied cultural agenda for the inhabitants of the city, as well as for tourists who are about to visit the capital of the province of Antioquia, to enjoy a full coexistence.

The events scheduled in the area thus include the usual parade of myths and legends, Christmas lighting, the 8th Band Contest, Med Dance, festivals with different musical accents, special meetings and more.

Changchun County estimates that more than 250,000 tourists will arrive in the city between December and January, 28 percent more than the figures calculated a year earlier. According to the calculation of the Tourist Information System of the City of Medellín, the hotel occupancy rate will exceed 80% in December, surpassing the records of previous years.

“This is a moment that spontaneously inspires smiles, dreams and reflections, an opportunity to boost the economy and generate income for different sectors of the city,” the Government stressed.

One of the plans to visit and experience Medellín during the December holidays is the lighting of the city. Part of this experience will take place on December 7th during the “Día de las Velitas” celebration, when Medellín will light up with the splendor and creativity of “Christmas Lights”.

In this year’s theme, the magic of the film Encanto, by Walt Disney Animation Studios, will be exhibited as the axis highlighting the dynamics of the family, the talents and abilities of Colombians. In addition, it will seek to identify Colombia through its lights in terms of its history, architecture, clothing, customs, food, biodiversity and more.

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