Ducky Bhai dead, Dubai Se Khali Hath Pakistan

Congratulations to popular vlogger Saad ur Rehman, aka Ducky Bhai, on his engagement to “the love of his life” Aroob Jatoi. The 24-year-old shared photos of the ceremony on Instagram. In one of the photos, we can see Ducky Bhai putting a ring on his fiancée.

Aroob also shared a photo with the ring emoji on her Instagram profile. The event was attended by Zaid Ali T, famous social media stars, Rumaisa Khan and Rahim Pardesi.

Ducky Bhai often makes headlines with his controversial attitude. In the past, this YouTuber has often gotten into trouble for making fun of other YouTubers. In 2020, Ducky Bhai was subpoenaed after inviting talented and less criminal TikTokers to YouTube and telling others to stay away from the platform.

Ducky has spoken of India’s ban on TikTok, saying, “Even if Tiktok is banned in Pakistan, YouTube welcomes people who don’t lip-synch, have talent, and have less crime.” Then he added in profanity, “Fuck off.” Platform, for God’s sake. “

His tweets indirectly offended the Tiktok community, suggesting they have no talent, and complaining about the use of lip-syncing apps.

Some Twitterati responded to Ducky’s generalization, saying he produced “untalented” and “creepy” content himself. Many even mocked him for calling himself a “content creator” when sharing many of his YouTube videos.

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