Dusty Street obituary and dead, Seminal Voice for KROQ and a Pioneering DJ

Dusty Street, a DJ synonymous with the Southern California airwaves and renowned as a trailblazing female voice in the realm of rock radio, passed away at the age of 77 in Eugene, Oregon, this Saturday.

With her captivating voice and an extensive understanding of the music she shared, Street played a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of rock radio in Los Angeles. Her journey commenced in San Francisco at the freeform station KMPX in 1967, and later at KSAN in 1969, where she held sway for a remarkable decade. In 1979, she made a significant move to KROQ, coinciding with the rise of the new wave movement, solidifying the station’s status as a cultural hub for a new generation. Street’s contributions extended to other Los Angeles radio stations, including KWST and KLOS. Following stints in Las Vegas and Cleveland, she dedicated the last two decades to her SiriusXM show on the Deep Tracks channel while residing in Oregon since 2022, navigating health challenges.

Street played a prominent role in the MGM+ documentary “San Francisco Sounds: A Place In Time” this year and was honored with an induction into the Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame.

Colleagues and fellow radio personalities took to social media to commemorate Street. Freddy Snakeskin, a former KROQ colleague, described her as “one of my life’s all-time favorite people,” and Tami Heide expressed gratitude for Street’s impact on KROQ and women in radio.

Geno Michellini, who broke the news on Facebook, shared that Dusty Street passed away peacefully, surrounded by love in a serene location overlooking a beautiful lake. Richard Blade, another KROQ DJ, reflected on Street’s influence on his career and the distinct mark she left on the airwaves with her love for music, particularly Dark Wave. In a poignant tribute, he emphasized that Dusty Street’s talents and contributions would endure as an indelible part of radio history.

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