Ebanie Bridges leaked on reddit and twitter – Join on Onlyf Ebony Bridges?

The Australian, who was fighting for Ebanie Bridges’ world title, has been caught punching the boxing beauty with a disgusting, fat-shaming insult.

Ebony bridges reddit

Shannon O’Connell was caught on video calling Ebaney Bridges a “fat bitch” ahead of the Australian’s bid for the IBF bantamweight world title this weekend.

The two engaged in a spat before Bridges’ belt fight, with O’Connell calling her opponent a “nasty stripper” for wearing underwear in her pre-match cradle.

The 39-year-old also tried to intimidate Bridges when they met face-to-face in Leeds on Thursday, telling her: “You’re screwed, b****h” – only to have her opponent laugh in his face.

In the footage, a man who is not in the picture says, “That’s a fucking joke,” to which O’Connell responds, “That’s bullshit. She’s a fat bitch. There’s no way she weighed 120 pounds this morning. “This isn’t the first time O’Connell has insulted Bridges about her figure. She previously tweeted a photo of her jogging Aussie with the caption: “Her tastes seem to be mince pies…just saying.”

The champ responded by tweeting, “Damn, I can’t wait to get fat again like this pic and eat more mince pies.”

In another post, she wrote: “Don’t like bullies. Meanwhile you [O’Connell] and your little family put me to shame. I don’t think I look that bad but hey whatever Make her feel better. I guess you put people down. O’Connell (pictured) has previously called Bridges a “nasty stripper.”

“She’s already apologizing, but imagine saying that on camera? So unprofessional,” one tweeted. However, some fans saw nothing unusual about the comment. “That’s taken out of context. A big part of boxing is lifting weights. If that’s what she calls her in the street, then yes, fair enough – she means she’s lifting weights – men always do that – it’s It was a boxing match, not a chess match,” Mitch Burton wrote.

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