Ed Mathews dead and obituary, whats happened to tiktoker

TikTok has seen the likes of Charli D’Amelio, Khaby Lame and Addison Rae take off on the platform. Ed Matthews is one of the most promising TikTokers, but how old is he? How did he gain so many followers on social media platforms?

Who is Ed Matthews and why is he famous?

Ed Matthews, or @edmatthewstokky as he is known on TikTok, is a YouTuber, social media star and soldier. TikToker went viral after its beef starring Simple Simon, Cal The Dragon and Astrid Wett aired on the platform.

The viral storm among TikTokers initially came after video surfaced of Matthews and Wett clashing at a rave, with him being described as a “sabotage campaign” by the OnlyFans star. He then added Cal The Dragon to the mix, posting a photo of him at the club with Astrid on his Instagram, writing: “Enough is enough bro @callum_the_dragon_official.”

Cal then responded to the photo with a TikTok video, saying in a very disappointed tone, “Astrid and Ed, now I understand what you’re talking about.” It’s unclear if Cal and Wett have been together before, but she told fans she Just “friends” with another TikToker. Since then, Matthews and Wett have had their own grievances when they accused the influencer of “using” Cal to make money in a recent TikTok Live video.

When the star is not venting his grievances with other TikTokers, he runs a fitness business called HED Fitness LTD, based in Brentwood, Essex. However, Matthews stated in his biography that he served in the Army and, according to the British Army, the average salary in his field of work was between £15,985 and £53,975, depending on role and expertise.

As for his role as a fitness trainer, according to Prospects, the average freelance personal trainer earns between £20 and £40. According to his TikTok profile, Ed Matthews is 19 years old. However, his date of birth remains unknown at this time.

Ed Matthews does not appear to be dating anyone at the moment, or if he is, he has decided to keep this information private. However, Matthews often shows off his flirting skills on his social media channels, posting videos of him flirting with girls on vacation to get their numbers.

Not only is Ed Matthews an avid social media star, he’s also active in the gym and has made a name for himself as a popular YouTuber. Ed Matthews is no stranger to sharing his journey to the gym, but he’s especially proud of his three-year transformation, in which he shares how he gained more muscle.

Ed Matthews also entered the world of YouTube stardom with a meme-like critique of TikToker’s dating “game.” The YouTuber said of Matthews and anyone who takes his dating advice, “Pro tip for guys over 18, don’t ask for a girl’s snapchat, it’s the BBM pin equivalent.”

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