Elise Christie leaked onlyf on reddit and twitter – english skier videos

Elise Christie begins financing her 2026 Winter Olympics through an adult platform

In order to compete in the next Winter Olympics in 2026, British skier Elise Christie had to find an alternative that would allow her to finance her travel and expenses, and since she received little support, she turned to her country’s platform OnlyFans Adopted to practice her discipline.

The athlete is now part of many shortage cases because she works in a non-professional discipline, making it difficult for organizations to allocate resources to her games.

While the platform Elise has had to turn to is notorious for showing porn and nudity, it’s also really a tool for those looking for help or extra income to whom she and other athletes (and personalities in general) are very nice.

The British has joined the social network with 10 medals at the European level, her main goal being to compete in the 2026 Winter Olympics, which will take place in Milan and Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy.

Appearing scantily clad and posing privately for her subscribers was not in her original plan, but everything seemed to suggest that her idea was for her to post on Instagram asking how many of her followers would want to follow her. Check out her photos on Instagram. . naked.

In the story above, she also included a link to the OnlyFans account. The success of the account has kept the skater on track and she now sees the possibility of funding her career for years to come.

Elise Christie, 32, has competed in other editions of the Winter Olympics, although she has never won a medal in the competition. Added to this, it must be added that she was unable to compete in the recent Beijing 2022 tournament due to injury, which also led her to withdraw a few months later.

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