Ella Lawrence leaked onlyf, daughter of MI6 agent Adam Lawrence videos

Ella is the daughter of MI6 agent Adam Lawrence and the stepdaughter of former officer Maddy DeCosta.

Ella is having a hard time adjusting to school. Ella, whose father is now the interim head of MI6, fears the security guard will make her an outsider at school.

Ella sneaks out of school without security and is followed. She called her father, but the line was disconnected. She was kidnapped and put in a van. The two kidnappers later turned out to be Kyle Mills and Joanne Ellingson.

Kara discovers Ella’s whereabouts and sets out with Adam to rescue her. However, Kara kidnaps Ella and takes her to another location. Kara blackmails Adam into going to Martin’s house to look for Audrey Gratz’s files. Kara returned the document to Ella as soon as it was handed over. While searching for documents at Martin’s house, Adam discovers a document about himself. The CIA suspected that Adam had been compromised based on his information about the planned attack.

When Adam learned that the CIA was behind Ella’s kidnapping and that his wife Maddie DeCosta had ties to Dede Alexander, he moved out and took the children to the Martin home. He told Martin’s wife, Mary, that he and Maddie had gotten into an argument and needed a place to live. While Mary plays the piano with the children, Kara sneaks into the basement to search for files on Baku because she needs to know who killed the five people who worked for her in Baku. She had promised these people safety, so it was her duty to tell their families who killed them.

Adam took his children to the house where they were hiding. Maddie joined them. As Maddie and Adam argue, a gunman watches them outside. Callum, who was lying on the bed, heard the noise and went out. He was grabbed by Kara and dragged inside, much to the surprise of the others. She revealed that Martin ordered the attack on him. Kara and Maddie ran outside to create a distraction. Kara ran into the gunman’s car and dodged his bullets. As the gunman pointed his gun at Kara, Maddie shot him from behind. They removed his body and left the house.

Adam, Maddie, Kara, Ella and Callum head to Kit Harper’s house. Kit is a lawyer and best friend of Adam’s ex-wife. They live in his house.

Maddie reunites with Ella and Callum after Martin is exposed at a press conference and arrested for the crime.

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