Ellalxox leaked onlyf on twitter and reddit, videos or photos

EBANIE BRIDGES told fans not to “let their imaginations get out of control” after posing for a photo with OnlyFans star Elle Brooke. The pair trained in Mark Tibbs’ gym and recently watched team-mate Tommy Fletcher make his professional debut at Wembley Stadium.

World champion Bridges posed for a photo with Brooke with the caption: “Boys, don’t let your imaginations get out of hand.” Brooke is training for her first match, scheduled for July 16 against Held by online opponent Astrid Wett.

But Wett withdrew, leaving Brooke to target former Love Islander AJ Bunker, who was due to appear at KingPyn’s O2 Indigo event on July 16. She told Intu Boxing: “I love Ebanie. It’s like she’s been the best for me since that day.” Brooke added, “She’s a natural teacher and that’s what she wants to be.

“So I think sometimes Mark coaches the pros, he doesn’t coach the amateurs, so for her, she really broke things for me like that.” Bridges, the IBF bantamweight champion, revealed that her previous coaching Life prevents her from opening her OnlyFans account. “I’ve been asked about OnlyFans,” she said on The Best Women’s Boxing Show.

“That’s not the only reason, but it’s one of the biggest reasons why I don’t go to OnlyFans and make millions like I do, obviously because I want the chance to go back and teach.” So boxing isn’t that big in Australia if I live again In Australia, I may have to go back to teaching. “

Bridges, 35, defeated Maria Cecilia Roman, 39, in her final title fight but has yet to defend her title.

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