Elsa Thora leaked onlyf on twitter and reddit, 20-year-old buys first home

One former waitress says she now makes her annual salary within a month of starting OnlyFans — enabling her to buy her first home at 19.

Previously earning £18,000 a year as a waitress, she now claims to be making £25,000 a month on the site. Elsa, from Sweden, says she has skyrocketed her subscribers by making funny videos on TikTok.

She says this has enabled her to buy a £200,000 three-bedroom house in Yorkshire – see properties in London. Elsa, who is currently renting in the capital, said: “I’ve been filling out all these application forms during the lockdown and I’ve gotten nothing.

“I decided to try OnlyFans in August 2020, I didn’t think it would work, but it was awesome! Within a year, I was making 20,000 a month from my OnlyFans subscribers.

“I love making videos, so I started a TikTok channel to post less risky content, and every time a video goes viral, I see tons of people subscribing to my OnlyFans. I love to travel, and doing OnlyFans helps me pay for travel Expenses. I bought my first home last year and will pay it off in full next year.

“I now have a lot of freedom to produce my content wherever I want. I love what I do and I have no regrets.”

After graduating from high school in 2020, Elsa struggled to find work as the country went into and out of lockdown due to the coronavirus. She found a job as a waitress in a London restaurant but was disappointed to be paid £18,000 a year.

With a passion for travel and the finer things in life, Elsa came to OnlyFans and couldn’t believe the success she’s had on the site. Describing herself as “slut blonde with big blue eyes and a huge ass to match” on her website, Elsa advertises that her OnlyFans subscribers can see photos and videos showing explicit sexual consent.

Just one year after joining the site, Elsa said she was raising around £20,000 a month from subscribers to her OnlyFans account. She quickly learned how to grow her subscriber count by creating a TikTok account and running live feeds on the app, where fans could send her “gifts” — virtual gifts that turned into money in her bank account.

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