Emy Buono leaked video, Italian OnlyF model went to a convent

Emy Buono was one of the big stars of Napoli’s Serie A title celebrations a few months ago. The Italian model decided to take off her clothes to celebrate the Azzurri’s third title and criticized her for having been sexually abused by many of those present, but by then the young woman had already gained a lot of recognition. She had been sharing explicit content on the Onlyfans platform for years, but when her photos and videos were leaked, she decided to stop and make a big decision: enter a monastery.

“The paid content that I published went viral and was seen by the whole world, including my partner’s parents,” she lamented in recent days on the Italian portal Fanpage. The model she affirmed that she was not in good health, she suffered from depression and even thought about committing suicide, all due to the lack of protection of the platform. “It’s not safe, it doesn’t protect me because the content I paid to post went viral and ended up on every phone. Some of it was seen by everyone. It even reached my boyfriend’s family and caused a lot of pain.” For me, a big problem, “she admitted.

Bono does not regret sharing these types of photos and videos on the internet, but maintains that she no longer feels “safe” with what she does. “As long as these videos stay on the platform, I’m fine with that, but the fact that they went viral and everyone can see it made me realize a lot of things. I’m making these videos for profit, I’m being selfish, I don’t think about no one, not in my family or my loved ones […] I decide who to send content to, who to reveal to, and this story makes me feel small because I feel like I have hurt a lot of people that I love.

“I don’t want to be a saint, that’s for sure, but I want to get away from people who judge me. I meet people on the street and they say rude things to me even when I’m with my mother. I want to go to a convent to find some peace and happiness,” Amy continued. The model, who has entered the Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus of Sorrento, does not rule out making the vows, although she does not have it in mind at the moment.

And the consequences that she is suffering Buono are serious. The young woman says she is “convinced that I will never get a job in Italy again because they will always label me for what I do.” Not only that, but she was forced to make difficult decisions to take care of her mental health: “I fled my country, fell into depression, was locked up at home for two months, took antidepressants and even thought about committing suicide. Things weren’t the same either. better in her family, since she has no relationship with her father, she stated in the video so as not to want her to have her own last name. Her uncle did not speak to her either and only her mother remained by her side: “She never accepted my decision but he never left me.”

Emy Buono has been living in the convent for a few days, but she is already enjoying her new life together with her guides, the sisters Daniela and Sister Amalia. The young woman makes rosaries after selling them, walks with the nuns, prepares food, goes shopping and enjoys a lot of time to reflect.