Erika Helin onlyfans leaked, Miss Finland in 2018 videos and photos

A woman responded assertively after being asked to leave a restaurant due to her deemed ‘inappropriate’ outfit. Erika Helin, crowned Miss Finland in 2018, found herself in this situation during a night out in Helsinki. The beauty queen, adorned in a pink heart-print bralette, a black tiered mini skirt, and high heels, was initially granted entry but faced an unexpected turn of events later in the evening when a security guard approached her at the unnamed restaurant bar.

Expressing her dismay on Instagram Stories to her 116,000 followers, Erika labeled the security guard as a ‘jerk’ for abruptly instructing her to leave and escorting her out of the bar. She explained that she was too stunned to protest as he vociferously criticized her choice of outfit, asserting it violated the restaurant’s dress code.

Despite Erika’s contention that she sees no issue with her attire, she mentioned that she would have willingly purchased alternative clothing had the dress policy been communicated beforehand. She emphasized the contradiction of allowing entry and later deeming the outfit inappropriate. Erika expressed sadness over feeling inherently judged for her body, especially considering her years as a loyal customer at the establishment.

Feeling ‘disrespected,’ Erika reached out to the manager, hoping to facilitate staff education on handling similar situations more considerately. In a subsequent post on her feed, she shared photos of the outfit and labeled the security guard a ‘misogynist.’

The post triggered a debate in the comments section, with some supporting the restaurant staff’s decision. Arguments were made that the outfit resembled swimwear and was more suitable for the beach than a restaurant. However, others defended Erika, emphasizing that clothing should not define an individual and expressing disbelief at the lack of a communicated dress code.

In the face of differing opinions, Erika received messages of support, affirming her beauty, intelligence, and resilience. The incident highlighted the ongoing discourse around dress codes and societal perceptions.

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