Ernie Lamont obituary and dead, ‘The Bacon Man’ Lamont has passed away

Ernie Lamont was not just a resident of Windsor; he was a passionate advocate and active participant in city affairs. Born on March 12, 1940, Ernie’s life reflected the dynamism and vitality of the place he called home. His 58-year marriage to Mary was an example of true collaboration, inspiring those around them. Although he was a dedicated family man, Ernie’s commitment went beyond his loved ones to the entire community.

The news of Ernie’s death has been a shock to everyone. Although the details of his death have not been made public, the void he has left in the community shows the impact he had as a person and as a community contributor. Those who knew Ernie are mourning his loss, while remembering his tireless presence and unwavering dedication.

Ernie’s legacy is diverse and reflects his wide range of interests and steadfast commitment. As a historian, he was a custodian of Windsor’s past, ensuring the preservation of its history. Additionally, as a nature lover, he dedicated himself to protecting the city’s natural beauty. Ernie’s involvement in local organizations such as the Windsor Rotary Club and the Windsor Historical Society is just one example of his extensive community service.

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Beyond his personal interests, Ernie was a pillar of the Windsor community. His actions, whether organizing events, volunteering, or simply being a friendly neighbor, embodied the true spirit of community. Ernie was a man of action, constantly working to improve the lives of those around him and create a better environment for all.

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