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In the complex world we live in today, it is important for leaders to stay informed. When we lead with emotional intelligence, we create an environment where people feel comfortable about how they feel. Few things are more important to company culture than feeling like your manager genuinely cares about your well-being and understands your strengths. Leading with emotional intelligence has a top-down ripple effect that is important to creating a healthy workplace culture.

A successful CMO has many responsibilities, including leading the company’s marketing department, developing marketing strategies, and tracking successes and failures. How Can a CMO Have a Very Successful Career? What tools, strategies and methodologies can CMOs use to succeed? In this interview series, we talk to current or retired CMOs about “5 Things You Need to Have a Highly Successful CMO Career.” We had the pleasure of interviewing Esther Raphael as part of this series.

Esther Raphael is Intersection’s Chief Marketing Officer, responsible for leading all aspects of marketing, including B2B and B2C work, creative services and content development. During her tenure, Esther launched Intersection’s first brand campaign, established an in-house full-service creative agency, and oversaw go-to-market strategies for more than 10 new markets and partnerships. Esther is also the Executive Founder of WIN, Women at Intersection, where she is dedicated to the growth and development of women leaders.

Thanks for doing this with us! Before we get too deep, our readers want to “get to know” you better. Can you share with us your personal background story?

Throughout elementary and high school, I would spend hours flipping through magazines and vicariously living out the stories I read or made up about the characters in the books. Magazines have helped shape who I am today through their vision of who I want to be…and that includes advertising. Every page of the magazine, from editorials to advertisements, is a precursor to today’s social media influencers.

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