Evie Leana and daughter Tiahnee leaked onlyf videos on twitter

A mother and daughter say teaming up on mints on the fast-paced social media platform OnlyF is the best thing they’ve ever done. Evie Leana, 37, vowed to hook up with teenage daughter Tiahnee on an adult-only website after hearing about her earnings. The couple have not looked back and have made £100,000 since agreeing to the unconventional collaboration.

Now Evie says she and 19-year-old Tiahnee are “the hottest mother and daughter” when it comes to naughty. The couple say they don’t regret doubling down, even though it took the mom some time to come to terms with.

They are very open about having sex with each other – there are few taboos.

Both said they had never felt insecure on the site and “don’t care if it was controversial”, as they vowed to keep mocking any backlash they encountered.

Evie, from Adelaide, Australia, said the app was “a great way to express my sexuality while having fun”. She added that she had a lot of fun and would “keep going” even if she didn’t make any money. Tiahnee’s content included her in underwear and a bikini, while her mother admitted to posting “more explicit” pictures.

Despite its current success, Evie was initially hesitant about the idea after Tiahnee set up an OnlyF account on her 18th birthday in 2020.

The mother of four said: “I was very opposed to Tiahnee’s account at first. I was concerned about their safety and why people should sign up when they can get this kind of content for free.

She just graduated and I wanted her to go to college, but she still went against my will. “

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