Fagata bandycka jazda Zdjęcia wykop leaked onlyfans, videos and photos

Agata Fąk, known online as Fagata, a few months ago became the main character of one of the biggest scandals involving Internet stars. Masza Graczykowska, a former friend of the influencer, published on the Internet the voice recordings that Fąk sent her when the two ladies were friends. Fagata bandycka jazda Zdjęcia wykop.

fagata bandycka jazda

In a private conversation, Internet users had the opportunity to hear that Agata was tired of studying and tried to find alternatives to earn a living. She mentioned, among other things, dating someone famous and avoiding work in the future. Her “plan B” was to be a relationship with the popular YouTuber Stuu, and her “plan C” was to consider a career in the pornography industry.

fagata bandycka jazda

Fagata eventually became involved with Stuart Burton, and fans, after the recording was revealed, accused the girl of taking advantage of the famous Internet creator. A wave of hate fell on her, and after a few months Agata finally decided to speak out, explaining that her feelings were true and the recordings “were not serious.” Stuu also spoke out, confirming that they are now in love and have a good relationship with each other.

However, it turns out that Internet users still have a lot of reservations about Agata, which is visible in the numerous negative comments. Recently, Fąk published several photos with a dog, showing her large breasts and heavily made-up face. Reactions were divided.

“It’s terrible what such a young girl has done to herself. She doesn’t even look like a real person anymore”; “10 kilos of Botox”; “Leave the poor dog, he’s obviously fed up with you, no wonder”; “The dog is unhappy, I wonder why”; “I feel sorry for this dog with all my heart”; “A ton of makeup hurts my eyes,” Internet users commented.

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