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Two years after the cameltoe incident, a controversial OnlyFans streamer has been unbanned on Twitch. Indiefoxx’s ASMR and Whirlpool streamers have amassed a massive following on the streaming platform, but were banned indefinitely almost two years ago.

Despite her huge audience, she was not without controversy, resulting in six suspensions. After her last ban, she revealed the cause was a wardrobe malfunction.

For the past two years, she has been posting on OnlyFans while trying several times to get the ban lifted, without success. After many attempts, she finally got her wish and lifted the ban on Tuesday (April 4).

Indiefoxxx, now known as JenFoxx, celebrated on Twitter, writing: “I’m literally crying rn Holy Smokes Twitch unbanned me [crying emoji] Thank you Twitch for the chance I promise I Yes.” No messing up.

“I’m literally shaking rn [crying emoji and gorgeous emoji] my heart is beating so hard I’m grateful.”

Twitter users were quick to congratulate the anchor in the comments, saying, “YAY JEN WB!! So happy for you.”

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