Farel Prayoga dead and obituary, whats happened – passed away?

A post on social media said Farel Prayoga, the singer of the song “Ojo Dibandingke,” had died and was buried. News of the death of the young Banyuwangi singer has been circulating on the social media Facebook since October 27, 2022.

A Facebook user who identified himself as Farel Prayoga’s brother shared the sad news. Here is an excerpt from the narration: “I am Farel’s sister and I am saddened by Farel’s death. May Farel be at peace, Allah SWT you all please pray for Farel it is Farel.

The news of Farel Prayoga’s death proved to be a hoax. Because on November 13, 2022, Farrell was spotted filling a show on the national television network. In a video uploaded to Indosiar’s YouTube channel, Farel is seen in a black jacket, fit and in good shape, interacting smoothly with the rest of the cast.

This fact immediately spread the news of the death of Farrell Playoga.

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