Video pubblicita Ferragni Balocco, convicted of selling overpriced Christmas candy

pubblicita balocco ferragni video

The Italian justice system has fined the influencer Chiara Ferragni, a prominent figure in the fashion world with almost 30 million followers on Instagram, as well as her companies, for more than one million euros due to unfair commercial practices. The authorities have indicated that Ferragni promoted, together with the Balocco company, the sale of a Christmas candy at a price considerably more than twice its value, under the claim that part of the profits would go to the Turin hospital.

Italy’s Competition and Market Guarantee Authority (AGCM) indicated that Balocco made a single payment to the hospital a month before the launch of the “Ferragni Pandoro” product. According to the investigation, sales of the product did not influence donations, and Balocco was fined 420 million euros. The pandoro, a Christmas option similar to panettone, sold for more than 9 euros each, compared to less than 4 euros for a regular Balocco pandoro.

In addition, it is stated that the influencer’s companies did not make donations despite receiving more than one million euros from the initiative. The Italian justice system has fined Ferragni and Balocco for deceptive commercial practices, manipulating consumers.

AGCM maintains that advertising and high prices led consumers to believe that by purchasing the cake they were directly contributing to a bone cancer research charity at a Turin hospital. Balocco had made a one-off payment of €50,000 to the hospital before the launch of the Ferragni Pandoro, and the sales did not affect donations, according to the regulator.

In response, Ferragni stated on social media that the collaboration with Balocco was a commercial agreement made in complete good faith, and the donation to the hospital was a key point of the agreement. Regretting misunderstandings in her advertising, she announced her intention to appeal the AGCM’s fine, calling it unfair. Balocco also expressed his disagreement with the fine and reserved the right to take measures to defend himself.

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