Finesse2tymes leaked video s3x tape with 3 girlfriend on twitter and reddit

Finesse2Tymes, who is proudly in a polyamorous relationship, recently sparked online debate by sharing a photo of his three girlfriends in a Mother’s Day post on social media.

Finesse2Tymes celebrated Mother’s Day with a series of photos on Instagram on Sunday (May 14). Three of the six photos in the carousel show the rapper posing with three of his significant others. “Chocolate, caramel or red as long as she gets along with the bread,” Finesse captioned the photo. The images sparked debate on the Internet about Finesse’s polyamorous lifestyle.

“It doesn’t matter,” one netizen replied on Twitter. “I obviously have no self-esteem. What’s wrong with these women?” asked another. Others praise Finesse2Tymes. “Hi sir,” wrote another. “Mood,” wrote another Twitter user.

Finesse2Tymes opened up about dating three women at once in an interview with Angela Yee’s Lip Service podcast in March.

“I’m a very gentlemanly person, and it was easy,” Finesse explained. “I get everyone to tell me one by one. They like to say, ‘It’s easy to accept everything about you because you’re so humble and, you know, down to earth. It’s easy. I’m not asking for nothing,’ but still Get help from my wife.”

He later added, “At first I thought it was weird, like, ‘No woman would take that.’ But I looked back at my old life and I thought, ‘Women won’t take that, but there’s a man who does that and does that. Women’s difference.” Men would accept because it’s her job to accept other men, but not “Accept other women’s not a woman’s job. So it’s kind of weird for me to picture that.” Before Finesse2Tymes had three girlfriends, she was with the rapper Erica Banks Dating.

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