Fng Shugga leaked onlyf on twitter and reddit, videos and photos on telegram

JT is best known for the bar she founded as one half of City Girls, but the Florida native certainly knows how to keep her mouth shut outside of the studio. She found herself in an embarrassing situation earlier this week after she compared a baby to Memphis rapper Finesse2tymes and called them both “ugly” in response to an internet troll who hated her co-star Lil Uzi Vert. Hateful web drama. “Ugly babies and dead dads 😿,” she wrote. “Baby looks like Finesse 2x. Please leave me alone for a while I’m not bothering anyone 🙂❤️.”

The hit “Twerkulator” producer then took to Twitter to share some thoughts. “I’m the most problem-free person ever,” she began a tirade. “I don’t care about anything, but if I have time to fight back, I’ll do it. Nothing personal, it’s all love.” In another post, JT continued, “[People] will keep bullying you and if you reply, It will make you unhappy.” I am not angry, I have no reason to be angry! But are you angry because I didn’t give you the revelation you wanted? So you keep bullying me because of what do you want to hear? No, I’m speaking ill of you without clarifying anything. I am innocent. “

The 30-year-old may think she’s innocent, but Finesse2tymes and his new girlfriend definitely disagree. “JT Who do you call ugly?” FNG Shugga wrote on her Instagram Story after reading the rap diva’s comments. “Have you seen yours?” she also asked, seemingly teasing LUV’s unique new Leslie Chow alter ego, whom they’ve been sporting since Rolling Loud Thailand. The “How To” favorite also defended himself, threatening to “destroy” JT in a post on his profile. “I guess she’s crazy because I said you can’t do it without a skinny bitch 🤷🏽‍♂️😂,” he typed on a black screen.

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