Franklin Park mall shooting today, toledo mall active shooter news

BREAKING NEWS: Two people were shot at the Franklin Park Mall in Toledo and taken to an area hospital, dispatchers confirm.

Located in the vibrant heart of Toledo, Ohio, Franklin Park Mall stands as a unique shopping destination that goes beyond the conventional. This mall not only satisfies the desires of avid shoppers, but offers a complete experience for individuals and families alike.

From well-known brands to exclusive boutiques, Franklin Park Mall is home to a diverse selection of stores spanning fashion, technology, home and beauty. Trend lovers find satisfaction in the latest fashion collections, while deal seekers explore the numerous discount and promotion options.

The shopping experience is complemented by a diverse gastronomic offer that satisfies all tastes. Whether enjoying a relaxed meal with the family or exploring gourmet options, the restaurants at Franklin Park Mall invite you to delight in a culinary palette that ranges from local dishes to international flavors.

The fun continues beyond shopping with exciting entertainment options. From play spaces for the little ones to cultural events and activities for the whole family, Franklin Park Mall stands out as a place where fun is a priority.

In addition to its numerous stores, Franklin Park Mall offers amenities that elevate the shopping experience, including convenient parking, seating areas, and loyalty programs that reward repeat customers.

More than a shopping center, Franklin Park Mall integrates with the community, organizing local events, fairs and activities that foster connection between neighbors and visitors.

Discover the difference at Franklin Park Mall, where shopping becomes a memorable experience.

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