Freddie Gibbs leaked twitter video ass, The leaks video on reddit

Freddie Gibbs finds himself entangled in a fresh wave of controversy as Destini Fox, also known as the Fit Mami, recently dropped a diss track targeting the rapper. In her debut rap release titled “New Baby Mama,” Fox samples the Notorious B.I.G.’s “Just Playing (Dreams)” and directs pointed lyrics at Gibbs, with the accompanying music video featuring a man portraying Freddie in a pink bunny suit and held on a leash.

Fit Mami kicks off the song labeling Gibbs as a “bum,” recounting the early days of their 2020 relationship. She goes on to accuse Freddie of being a “deadbeat” dad to their child, born last year after their relationship had ended.

“Let me tell you about a bum named Freddie/ One day he slid up in my DM, he was beggin’ to get me/ I let him shoot his shot, I never thought it’d get messy/ I gave him life and this dummy turned into a deadbeat,” she raps.

Fox continues her attack, critiquing Gibbs’ parenting skills and alleging shortcomings in the bedroom. The diss track also references the 2022 incident where Freddie Gibbs was confronted by a group of men affiliated with Benny the Butcher in Buffalo. Fox was reportedly present during the altercation.

“I knew you was a bitch when you saw Benny the Butcher and he bitch slapped you after he took your chain and your Rolex,” Fit Mami asserts in her lyrics.

This latest development adds a new chapter to the ongoing feud between Freddie Gibbs and Destini Fox.

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