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The storms of Madhumita are overwhelming. Every day, one or another photo of him goes viral. Now in a sari, now in a suit, he’s the queen of form. Most recently, he was seen again in two films, Robbery. The photo of Madhumita went viral after it was shared on social media.

In this photo, he is wearing a red bikini top and bottom. The actress became even more beautiful with a touch of red. She also has a beautiful wavy hairstyle that complements her dress. Netizens remember this photo of him. Thanks for flooding the comments section.

A few days ago, she was seen wearing a yellow chiffon saree. She danced in seductive style to the song “Bedardi Raja” and won praise from fans. She is also stunning in a black chiffon saree. The image of Madhumita in a green blazer also caused quite a storm in the online world.

Madhumita is now Tollywood’s most famous face. Madhumita started her acting career in a serial called “Sabinaye Nivedan”. The love of Madhumita and Saurabh Chakraborty started in this series. Although he later married, the marriage did not last long. Now, both Madhumita and Saurabh are busy growing their careers.

Later, Madhumita captivated the hearts of viewers by playing a bird in the serial “Bojhe Naa Se Bojhe Naa”. Her success started there. Afterwards, Eman’s role in the “Kusum Dola” series was also a hit. The actress started her film journey with “Love Aaj Kal Parshu”. She is paired with Arjun Chakraborty in this film. After that, Ella Madhumita starred in the web series “Devdas O Ek Khun Khoi” with Arjun. She will also appear in Mainak Bhowmik’s movie “Chini”.

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