Gautami patil Viral video new leaked, Huge ruckus at Marathi Lavani dancer

Just recently, Sonu Nigam was abused for taking a selfie at a concert in Mumbai. This is the second selfie-related incident involving a rock celebrity in Mumbai, less than a week after Indian cricketer Prithvi Shaw was attacked in his vehicle outside a five-star hotel late on February 15. Now, Gautami Patil, a famous Marathi lavani dancer, is causing a stir with a show. The situation got out of hand and the police had to press charges.

Gautami patil viral

The dancers performed in the Rahata district of Shirdi, Maharashtra. As soon as the show started, many viewers started blowing money when they saw Gautami Patil stop. Police used Lathi-Charge to disperse the crowd, sparking riots.

Gautami patil Viral change kapde
Gautami patil Viral change kapde

The crowd was in uproar when Gautami Patil was taken away under heavy police security following a police mission with Lathi to disperse thousands of people. Dancers had to leave the event midway when people started misbehaving on stage.

(Gautami Patil’s Dance Video) Gautami Patil is the name that caused controversy due to the aforementioned dance roles and obscene gestures on social media. Because of its cultivation, it has caused a lot of controversy and criticism, and Chaudami is famous for it. Chaos reappeared at a recent show by the same Gotami.

The Gautami Patil dance program is organized at Rahata, Ahamadnagar in honor of the birthday. When Gotami was supposed to come, the crowd was as expected. Gotami came and she started dancing, clapping, whistling and screaming. Hooligans start going on a rampage at the event. Ultimately, police had to turn to Lathicharge to deal with the situation.

Gautami patil Viral change kapde

While Chotami was on stage, the police launched a Ratti charge to stop the hooligans. Seeing this, the onlookers also ran up one after another. After a while, the scene of the venue changed. Some spectators wasted money when Chotami took the podium. But when she saw the commotion there, she stopped dancing and the audience screamed. Even after her plea, the crying didn’t stop.

Even the 60 bodyguards who participated were tired from keeping the overzealous crowds and rowdy people at bay. Eventually the police arrived and charged Lathi. Seeing that the situation was out of control, the organizer also stopped the show, and Choudami left the venue immediately. Meanwhile, Chotami has been through a similar situation at every one of her shows over the past few months. So whether it is Chotami’s program or Radha’s program, there is nothing wrong with the math. But now it’s important to see what the local system decides about it.

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