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Gracie Parker, a 10-year-old fourth-grader in the Macon County school system, organized the first Youth Mental Health Aid Rally in the city of Franklin. Gracie, who lost her mother to drugs when she was a baby and whose father has been in and out of jail her entire life, had a clear message Sunday, April 30, during her rally: All schools, especially elementary schools, need trauma counselors. Gracie said she felt helpless for a long time, until she talked to her friends and classmates and realized she was not alone in suffering trauma. That’s when Gracie knew she had to talk about the mental health issues children face.

She said that trauma, along with bullying that occurs at all grade levels, can push some children over the edge, and that it is unacceptable that there are children who suffer in silence because they have no one to talk to.

That’s why Gracie said she is advocating for trauma counselors in every school. She said if Macon County Commissioners and the school board do not prioritize funding for these counselors, their positions will be eliminated by 2024.

APRIL 30, 2023 – The first Youth Mental Health Aid Rally was held on Sunday, April 30 in Franklin, led by 10-year-old Macon County School System student Gracie Parker, who has experienced her own share of trauma despite his young age. She organized the rally to draw attention to the urgent need for trauma counselors to be available and funded in every school, both locally and nationally.

Gracie explained that during the COVID-19 pandemic, all schools received trauma counselors, but now that the COVID-19 money is gone, all of those counselors will soon be gone if they don’t make a change.

“Sometimes the word gets around my school, like what I’m doing, and they say, ‘Thank you for speaking up for me, thank you for standing up for me, thank you for doing something,'” Gracie said.

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