Gully Bop Has Dead, Dancehall Artiste death Robert Lee Malcolm passed away

Prism Marketing Consultants is sad to announce the passing of dancehall artist Gully Bop. The artist, whose real name was Robert Lee Malcolm, died while undergoing treatment at Kingston Public Hospital (KPH) on Tuesday morning.

The loss had an impact on the local music industry, as Gully Bop’s meteoric rise in the dancehall scene made him a prominent figure in the rise of internet popularity. His infectious hits such as “Wuk Affa Mi” and “My God, Dem Nuh Bad Like Me” are loved by fans around the world.

However, Gully Bop’s path was marked not only by his musical abilities but also by his personal struggles.

The artist’s health has been failing in recent years, leading to him being admitted to multiple medical facilities in 2021 due to a hernia. Over the next period, his health deteriorated and he required urgent medical care and vital daily support.

Thanks to the compassionate efforts of El Shaddai Prophetic Ministry, a church and its pastor, Gully Bop’s story of struggle has been brought to the public’s attention. Thanks to their unwavering support, Gully Bop underwent vital surgery. But challenges remain, with the artist’s medical bills weighing heavily on him. Donna Gowe, aka Auntie Donna, became Gully Bop’s humanitarian advocate and shared his plight with the world.

In the lawsuits, Gully Bop revealed that he was deceived in previous GoFundMe campaigns that allegedly involved misuse of funds. Auntie Donna’s tireless efforts attracted widespread public attention, even forcing former Gully Bop employees A’mari and Shauna Chin to seek his help. Donna Gowe discussed the issue on her YouTube channel, strongly supporting Gully Bop and explaining his rationale for involving his ex-partner if needed.

The Journey of Gully Bop is a poignant reminder that fame can bring unforeseen challenges, especially in the age of social media. Demonstrate the importance of community support and compassion during difficult times.

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