Gurumiharibo leaked photos and videos on reddit and twitter Jennie And BTS’s V

Recently, “leaked” photos of alleged K-pop couple Jennie from BLACKPINK and V from BTS have been circulating on the internet. The photos were all shared by the same source, a Twitter and Telegram user named Gurumi Haribo (@gurumiharibo).

As more and more photos have been “leaked”, the authenticity of many of them has been called into question, with netizens now claiming to have background information on the person behind Gurumi Haribo’s account.

Gurumi Haribo chats with over 45,000 members on Telegram.
On September 28, a new Twitter account called DropTheBomb (@twocanplay_) was created and Gurumi began tweeting allegations of “leaked” photos.

The report claims that not only was one person involved in the actions against Jenny and V, but many were working together as part of a plan to force the couple’s company to speak up. Her goal, according to reports, was to cause as much “chaos and confusion” as possible.

DropTheBomb claims Gurumi started adding details and fabricating stories to her “leaks” to satisfy her ego. According to the report, “real” photos of the “couple” were never intended to be used, but Gurumi began sharing them to validate their stories and convince viewers that theirs was real.

To prove their claims are true, DropTheBomb is sharing “real” videos and photos of V and Jennie and many other idols and celebrities that have never been seen before. The account claims the photos were shared from various sources, including the idol’s friends, private accounts, employees, managers and stalker fans.

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