Hackedforfun leaked video on reddit and twitter, whats happened

For years, Quantum’s news cycle has been filled with headlines about the record-breaking system. But this year, researchers are moving off the hype train and into the real world—contrary to the trend of packing processors with more and more qubits, or “qubits,” in favor of fewer but higher-quality qubits.

The company also announced new chips designed to connect directly to each other. The move is expected to speed up the transition to “modular” quantum computers — and help the machines scale significantly along the way. Read the full text.

We have more than one biological clock. In addition to the one that progresses with age, the biological clock in our brain keeps our body in rhythm. This clock helps control when we wake up, eat and sleep.

But not only that. It also controls more subtle aspects of how our bodies work, influencing hundreds of molecular clocks in our cells and organs, from regulating our metabolism to controlling how our genes make proteins.

Now, scientists are working on ways to tailor treatments to our circadian rhythms. Labs are working on drugs that specifically target the watch itself. Could we one day hack our biological clocks to improve our health? Read the full text.

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