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“Hearst Magazine and Yahoo may use the links below to earn commissions or revenue from certain articles.” Hailee Steinfeld released her single “Shore” in July, and it was a whole vibe. Now she finally (finally!) has a music video.

The 25-year-old took to Instagram to share some snaps from a ’70s-inspired video, and of course they’re everything. Hailee wore a flowy white top that was left open to show off her toned abs, swaying softly to the music on the beach. Hailey then stepped off the lifeguard station in a modern printed bikini top and skirt combo, showing off her abs.

Haley shared in July that “Coast” was “years of creation”, noting that it was “my dream song.”

Due to your music video obsession, you may have noticed Hailey’s ridiculous abs, and to be fair. How did she get so good?

The Hawkeye star has previously told Women’s Health that she has a great balance. She exercises five times a week and cooks her own meals in her free time. “I eat to exercise, I don’t exercise to eat,” she shared. “And I feel like when I have that attitude, I can do my best.”

Hayley trains with her dad, who is a handy personal trainer. “He really saw my potential, he believed in me, he pushed me and knew what I could do,” she said.

Hailee says she gets inspiration from working out and loves how it makes her feel.

“I’ve never left a workout or training session feeling anything but great and happier,” she shared. “Just knowing what my body is capable of and being able to challenge myself…it does things for you mentally that other things don’t,” she said.

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