Hammy and Olivia Corgi dog dead, Corgis TikTok passed away suddenly last night

It always sucks getting attached to an animal on social media then they pass away. Big fan of Hammy & Olivia, can’t imagine what Olivia‘s owners are going through right now. R.I.P.

Meet Hammy and Olivia, a pair of talkative Corgis who call Las Vegas home, living alongside their co-star and dog dad, Chris. Together, this trio creates daily skits to entertain their impressive following of 5 million fans across various social media platforms.

On Instagram, they’ve garnered over 700,000 followers, and their side-splitting videos have amassed nearly 65 million likes on TikTok. However, before Hammy and Olivia captured the hearts of the masses with their spoof videos during the pandemic, they had a humble 800 followers on Instagram.

Their boundless energy was a delightful surprise. Before Hammy and Olivia entered the scene, my dog life revolved around English Bulldogs (I raised five of them). For two decades, I believed that all dogs were naturally inclined to spend their entire day eating, napping, and soaking up the sun. Walks were nearly non-existent, and we humorously referred to their daily jaunts from the living room to the kitchen as “exercise.” Anyone familiar with Bulldogs knows they excel in being low-maintenance companions. So, when we witnessed just how playful and spirited Corgis could be, we became thrilled about the potential of incorporating them into our daily lives.

When Sarah and I started dating, she made it abundantly clear that she had a strong desire for a Corgi. A friend of ours in Las Vegas was a Corgi breeder, and when he had a new litter of puppies, we received an invitation to visit and play with them. I should have realized at that moment that there was a zero percent chance we’d leave without a Corgi in tow (I tip my hat to any boyfriend with the willpower to say “no” in such a situation). Thus, we brought Olivia into our home six years ago. With Sarah working night shifts and my frequent out-of-state work travels, we set a goal to find a companion for Olivia. Our hearts melted when we stumbled upon Hammy (originally named “Winston”) on a breeder’s website in North Carolina. Hammy became the newest member of our furry family four years ago, and the rest, as they say, is history!

Corgis are known for their vocal nature and their quick ability to fill a home with their charming personalities. Olivia is the epitome of sweetness and has a strong attachment to her “daddy.” She won’t rest or nap unless she’s nestled against one of us (or a cozy pillow), and she proudly holds the title of “family guardian” as she’s always the first to welcome visitors at our front door. Hammy, on the other hand, is a social butterfly who approaches every human he encounters with an infectious smile. He can’t resist a spirited game of tug-of-war and operates at two speeds: playing with all his might and then crashing into deep slumber. He’s undeniably devoted to his mom, Sarah, and is the quintessential “momma’s boy.”

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