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Marston Hefner’s AppStore earnings allow him to enjoy collectibles like Pokémon cards and comics, but his wife isn’t exactly “crazy” about the Playboy kid’s daring adventures.

“She’d rather I wasn’t on OnlyF, but it’s more important to her that I’m pursuing my dreams or my interests — adventure,” the late Hugh Hefner’s 33-year-old son told Page Six in a scoop The interview, adding that Anna, whom he will marry in August 2022, encouraged him to find out what he thought was “interesting”.

“This is a long-term opportunity for further financial security,” he said of the lucrative hobby, stressing that he would support her if she decided to open her own OnlyF account.

“If she wants an open relationship, we discuss it. If she wants to do something sexual, that’s a conversation we definitely have, and we always have,” he continued.

“I think we grow up with our parents and it’s more acceptable for a father to run away or let a man do whatever he wants. It’s not — I don’t believe that.”

While he wouldn’t disclose how much money he makes from X-rated uploads, Marston joked that he could “have a Pokémon trophy card” by the end of the year, which could be as high as six figures.

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