Helene Boudreau leaked reddit, Videos and photos on twitter

Hélène Boudreau returned to her former workplace to complete her Bachelor of Fine Arts and Media. In 2021, Boudreaux rose to fame when his infamous UQAM graduation photo was blown up. Despite all her attention and notoriety, it turns out she didn’t really get a diploma.

The OnlyFans tycoon shared the news on her Instagram, explaining that while she did take her graduation photo, she didn’t get the credits needed to earn her degree. Well, that will change.

“Today I found out I’m resuming my courses at UQAM to finally get my bachelor’s degree,” Hélène wrote in a recent Instagram post. “I took pictures in 2021, but in 2022 I finally graduate. After all my adventures with UQAM, I’m ready to… oh yes.”

Boudreau didn’t share whether she would take in-person or online classes, but it’s safe to say that people are excited about her return.

“Looking forward to seeing you,” one follower wrote. “You’re one of the few people who can say your studies are worthwhile,” said another.

Boudreau also shared her return to school via Instagram Stories, saying she finally wanted to finish what she started — and then the hashtag #NotAQuitter.

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