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Only in capitalist America can we enjoy extravagant events like Lingerie Football League or this new Exposed Sports League that Holly Sonders is about to launch. As we explore the madness of celebrity martial arts, Oscar de la Hoya’s girlfriend has a brilliant idea. This Holly plan has the potential to be a successful business and having the right structure is critical to its success. The Exposed Sports League aims to institutionalize the sports played by Instagram or OnlyF models.

Holly Sonders outlined the main plans in an interview with BroBible. Here’s how she put it: “Imagine your favorite IG models all competing…doing your favorite sport…wearing almost nothing. This fantasy will come true in spring 2023. I have 10 girls and we Going to play seven or eight sports. When I say sports, some of them want to play basketball, bowling or tennis, but they also have table tennis. And twisters. Similar interesting stuff, those are in OnlyF The girls who make the most money on these types of sites, some of whom have made hundreds of thousands of dollars creating their content.”

Sanders mentioned that models are likely to be topless throughout sports events. While she still hasn’t mentioned what sports they’ll be playing, Holly has opened up about the issue to her followers. The Exposed Sports League will begin photoshoots on May 18 and is scheduled to begin in June. Which OnlyF and Instagram models would you like to see sporting without clothes in the Exposed Sports League?.

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