Hongkongdoll leaked onlyf videos and photos on reddit and twitter

Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee has never been shy about his body, but now the rocker seems to have decided to make the jump to the famous live-streaming site OnlyFans.

“If you guys are living under a fucking rock, I’ve had some trouble lately,” Lee explained during the closing ceremony of the Motley Crue Stadium Tour at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas.

The drummer was pointing to his now-infamous nude photos, which he reportedly posted on all of his social media channels last month with a “fuck bent”.

“I want to see what trouble we’re going to get into tonight. We’re in fucking Las Vegas, right?” Lee announced to the roaring crowd. “And I think we should get rid of that damn crap, ‘What happened in Las Vegas, stay in Las Vegas.’ Fuck it. Let’s fucking share it with the world.”

The drummer then encouraged the men in the crowd to show off their dicks, promising they would look “huge” on the stadium’s big screen. Some fans promised.

Lee drew attention to his own infamous photo, alluding to anger at censorship after Facebook and Instagram removed the image.

“I showed you my shit. They took it off the internet. No more dicks, no more tits,” the drummer announced. “What I’ve done is, I’ve now gone to a place where you can be free. You can show anyone what you want and they’ll take it, don’t take the fuck off it.”

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