Horace Holmes dead and obituary, longtime anchor, I-Team reporter death

It is with deep sorrow that 7News announces the passing of our esteemed colleague and friend, Horace Holmes, renowned I-Team troubleshooter.

Horace’s on-air presence was truly distinctive, reaching into the lives of many, offering solutions to problems, and fostering numerous friendships along the way.

For nearly three decades, Holmes transcended being merely an on-air figure in our community; he became a positive force.

As a news anchor and longstanding member of the 7News I-Team, he often emphasized that the most rewarding aspect of his job was assisting people and witnessing the tangible impact in real-time.

A household name for generations, Horace brought his unique brand of consumer advocacy to the DMV.

Horace consistently found innovative ways to educate us all, shedding light on seemingly trivial actions, such as thoughtlessly discarding a boarding pass, which could inadvertently invite criminal activity.

The off-screen Horace, not always visible to viewers, was the one we knew intimately – good-natured, joyful, and ever-ready to lend a sympathetic ear.

While he stood as one of the most esteemed and enduring journalists in the D.C. area, his legacy transcends the stories he covered; it is measured by the lives he profoundly influenced.

Horace Holmes leaves behind a multitude of friends within the community and a lasting impact on the WJLA family. His brilliance, humor, and remarkable capabilities endeared him to many, but it was his kindness and ability to be not just a journalist but a true friend that set him apart.

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