Hume fogg high school shooting today Nashville, no indication of an active shooter

Police are investigating an ‘phone threat’ at HumeFogg High School in Nashville, Tennessee; no indication of an active shooter. HAPPENING NOW: Police are investigating a phone threat at HumeFogg High School in downtown Nashville. Students are on break, but police are responding out of caution.

At the heart of education in Nashville, Tennessee, is Hume-Fogg High School, an institution that has cultivated academic excellence and diversity since its founding in 1912.

Hume-Fogg has been an educational beacon for more than a century, providing exceptional opportunities to generations of students. Its legacy is woven with Nashville’s rich history, and its halls resonated with a commitment to educating and empowering young minds.

Hume-Fogg’s commitment to academic excellence is reflected in its broad curriculum, which challenges and inspires students to reach their full potential. Additionally, cultural diversity is celebrated, creating an environment in which differences are valued and mutual understanding flourishes.

Hume-Fogg embraces innovation, preparing students for an ever-changing world. Advanced programs, vibrant extracurricular activities, and a strong commitment to the local community define the educational experience at this notable institution.

Upon graduating from Hume-Fogg, students take with them not only solid academic knowledge, but also a character forged in the crucible of a well-rounded education.

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